Paparazzi’s caring educators believe that the student/teacher relationship is one of the most important ingredients to the success of any educational adventure. It is Paparazzi’s goal to continuously develop new ideas on how to make classes both interesting and educational; understanding the human mind and the importance of music & the arts in our lives. Our teachers are trained to taylor each lesson based on the individual's needs and learning styles.
We are more than a production company...
We turn possibility into reality.
Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Creative.

our goal

Is to help make the world a better place by using the languages of the soul; music, dance, drama & art. By bringing these creative outlets to people of all ages, we tap into the essence of happiness. When people are happy, the world becomes a much happier place to live in. We grow as a caring community, automatically creating violence prevention, helping to create unity within the community. Synergy is doing this by providing our community with a loving environment where they can explore the different art forms all under one roof.

Mission Statement

Paparazzi Studios dream is to bring music, dance, drama & art to everyone, at the highest standards of education and with the most affordable pricing! We also provide qualified members of our community with employment & financial security in a field that makes all their dreams come true!

what we offer

8000 square footage of beautiful open space. Front door is off of Albion Rd and easy access from the TTC. Ideal for art exhibitions, product launches, special event, performances, photo shoots, paint nights and kids birthday and private events. We offer music programs for all instruments, art, drama, theatre arts and dance classes

The interior space includes two main Rooms front doors where you enter through. Beautiful designer concrete flooring, lot of wall spaces with 20ft high ceiling, amazing lighting to enhance picture quality. From Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Birthday Celebrations, Corporate Functions, Baby Showers, Private Dinners, and many more are hosted at Paparazzi Studio!

With two rooms to choose from:

Celebrity Room up to 40 guest and up $1300 includes:

  • Restroom

  • Led lights

  • Heating

  • Air condition

  • Free parking

  • Tables

  • Chiavri Chairs

  • Classic Decor (backdrop, centerpieces)

  • 5 Chafing Dishes

  • 10 Ft ceiling

Hollywood Room for 100 guest and more $4000 includes:

  • Separate Entrance -Bar

  • Restroom -Cooler

  • Led Lightening -Bridal Suit

  • Heating -Buffet Table

  • Air Condition -Centerpieces

  • Tablecloth

  • Chiavari Chairs

  • 10 Chafing Dishes

  • 20ft Ceiling

  • Classic Stage Decor

  • Special Chair for host

Music lessons(once a week)

Piano Lessons
Parent & Child $50/45mins
Child $25/45mins
Adult $30/45mins

Salsas Lesson
Single person $20/1hr
Couple $35/1hr